Our Story

Sonarome is a family owned business with 42 years of experience manufacturing flavors and fragrances for use in food and cosmetic products. With customers spread across 40 countries, we are committed to meeting international standards for your custom flavor and fragrance needs.

Our dedication and service to our customers dates back to the origin of our company, the creation of which was founded on providing quality customer choice.

In the 1980s, during a time when India’s economy was largely closed to the West, Ramandeep Gulhati, a chemist turned flavorist, discovered the staggering extent to which the Indian consumers’ product choice was limited. Inspired by insights from her travels, she understood the degree to which many of the available flavors and fragrances on the Indian market were artificial and chemical in nature.

In capturing the need for flavor and fragrance variety, Ramandeep Gulhati and her husband Trilok Gulhati embarked on a taste and smell revolution, providing businesses with high quality, unique, natural flavors and fragrances to improve their products. Fueled by its founders’ vision, Sonarome provided the Indian product market with a sense of quasi-liberation by the sheer amount of choice it provided during the start of the 21st century Indian economic boom.

In 2005, the next generation, Nitesh Gulhati, joined Sonarome. With his rich experience in Information Technology and Finance Sonarome has scaled its operation exponentially. Through the years, Sonarome has maintained a strong global presence in the B2B flavors and fragrance space by continuing to stay up to date with consumer trends. Today, Sonarome’s objectives have evolved beyond just product variety to align more closely with prevailing market demands. Reflecting healthier lifestyle choices, Sonarome has incorporated organic flavors as well as products that address salt and sugar reduction in their offerings. On the fragrance front, the emphasis lies in promoting wellness and self care through functional natural fragrances that elevate mood, enhance concentration and facilitate memory recall. Incessantly built on the foundation of catering to diverse client needs and market trends, Sonarome is your ingredient for success.