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    Sonarome is committed to innovate for the future be it fragrances or seasoning or flavours.
    We understand that the journey of every food, beverage or cosmetic product begins
    here and takes off into the market. It is the first perception of a consumer.
    Sonarome resonates with the market needs, introduces technology and techniques
    of the future to everything that is current.
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    Fragrances of the future
    Backed by 30 years of experience, Sonarome has created thousands of fragrances,
    which are used in the top brands in India and abroad. No matter what your product,
    we have a fragrance that is unique and fits your needs perfectly, as per your brief What's more!
    We provide application samples of the end-product for you to evaluate.
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    Sonarome has the expertise to create every flavour under the sun recreating the finest distinctions
    that exist in nature. If we are talking of Mango, then we have at least a dozen variants in mango
    and if we are talking of Guava, we have again multiple variants in that.
    No matter what the food or beverage, we have the exact flavour that will match your product.

Our Services


Every product concept is unique and so is the flavour or fragrance attached to it. At Sonarome, we treat every product as unique and give it the identity it deserves!

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There is only one way to make new discoveries – that is to see in places not seen before. Creativity is given prime importance at Sonarome.

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Unlimited Possibilities

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing a fragrance or a flavour. Sonarome explores dimensions which have not been discovered before.

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The only thing that is constant at Sonarome is change, to produce unlimited possibilities, we back it with extensive systematic research which helps us find something new every time!

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About Us

We at Sonarome are proud of introducing the best and latest technology to execute any flavour, seasoning or fragrance that is needed. We have got the latest equipment with competent people to make sure each of the flavours and fragrances is executed to perfection!

Sonarome presents micro-encapsulated Flavours that lock the flavour and provide it to you in the powder form to enrich your product. Sonarome presents the encapsulated flavours are manufactured in computer-controlled spray drying plant. The flavors produced in this unique method are extremely attractive and add the “kick” to the food like no other flavors can achieve. The flavors of the aromatics are encapsulated and sealed in a protective casing of gum arbic or one of the modified starches. These powder flavours are free flowing, protected from oxidation, evaporation or polymerization and are stable over long storage periods. The spray drying process ensures that the full aromatic profile is retained and it allows the use of constituents, which could not readily be incorporated into traditional liquid flavours. The initial sensory impact of spray-dried flavors is dull but once it is moistened the encapsulated aromas are freed and the complete impact of the flavor is achieved.

Why choose us?

Get expert consultation for your product

Strict compliances and standards

Creativity to give you the right flavour and fragrance

Backed by 30 years of experience

Processes that give you consistent high quality every time

Ongoing support- direct interaction with our Lab.

Contact Us

  • sonarome@sonarome.com
  • +91 80 6890 2200

  • One Sonarome Way KIADB Industrial Area,
    Doddaballapur, Bangalore.