Sonarome is fully equipped to give you the right fragrance that suits your product in the line of detergents and laundry products. The fragrance that we create can be unique to your brand so that your brand stands out int he market from the rest of them. With intensive market experience, Sonarome not only excels in giving you the most preferred fragrance, but also can guide you in the market perceptions regarding fragrances. Our expert teams will guide you to choose the most market-friendly fragrance that fits your product.Our application Lab can prepare & show you samples of finished products- toilet soaps,liquid hand wash,detergents, body spray etc.

Please find below a list of the some of the fragrances that we have created. This list is just indicative and we customise each and every fragrance, so that it is patent-compatible.

Jasmin  Banana Fruit Bonanza  Citra Plus  (Type- Tide* ) Herbal
Lime Rose Fresh Fruity Strawberry ( Type -Surf) Sandal
Lemon Marina Flora Citrus Spray Tutty Fruity (Type-Ariel) Musk
Lime Lemon Citronella Floral Fresh Lemon Fresh Lavender
Lemon Grass Flora Fruity Citrus Mango Citra Orange
Citrolime Fruit Bouquet Apple Pine Citrus Pine


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