SONAROME blends natural essential oils and choicest aroma materials to create fine fragrances.

A perfect blend of creativity with technology brings to the fore some of the most creative and attractive fragrances.

SONAROME Fragrances -A world apart ,weaving a web of magical fantasies, combining a host of intangible ,sensual ,romantic moods .Capturing the beauty of nature and invisible emotions .Fragrances that are soothing yet provocative.

Fragrances for personal statements

To some people fragrance is a personal statement .At Sonarome we look at it as a language of care.Sonarome fragrances are created using only safe and effective ingredients-choicest natural oils,resinoids,extracts and a variety of other aroma materials.

Our perfumers

Our perfumers have internationalexperience,creating original formulations at commercially viable prices to give added value to customer’s products. We are constantly enriching our bank of ideas through our interaction with our customers. These dynamic partnerships help us discover fresh ideas for new fragrance development.


Sonarome is a well established name in flavour and fragrance business and our products are sold to more than 3000 big and small companies  all over India and in 45 countries world wide. Sonarome is capable of delivering bulk (FCL) quantities as per customer’s schedule. Yet no order is too small. We know that all big customers were small once upon a time. Sonarome laboratories have state of the art facilities including GC/FITR/GCMS.

High class perfumery

Come to us for international quality fragrances for personal products , body sprays, deodorants, colognes in line with mood of the fashion driven fragrance market . We also offer a choice of fragrance systems for toilet soaps, detergents, shampoos, shaving products, cosmetics, household cleaners, incense sticks etc..

Ask for any fragrance ..we will make it for you.

Sonarome have a team of sales officers located in all parts of India, always willing to talk to you about your fragrance needs. And our perfumes are always enthusiastic and ready to develop that very special blend for your exclusive use on receiving your product brief.

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