Distribution of fruits at a nearby school by Mrs Gulhati.

Research confirms that good nutrition in the early years of life is crucial for human growth and development. Inspired by the UN World Food Program, that no child should go to school hungry, Sonarome Foundation started providing a breakfast of “raagi “porridge to all the school children in 5 schools around Dodballapur. Today over 450 children across 5 government schools receive a wholesome breakfast before beginning their school day.

Mr T.S. Gulhati addressing the press mentioned, “We have identified a few schools nearby where the school was providing mid-day meals, but the children came to school hungry without breakfast. We decided to provide porridge to these children as soon as they reach the school. It is a simple porridge made with Ragi, Gur, sugar and milk and yet it is nutritious and provides enough calcium to the children.  Our staff supply the ingredients to the schools every morning where the porridge is made by the teachers/staff within a few minutes.” 

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