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 Sonarome operates out of its technologically advanced 250,000 sq.ft. production facility at Dodballapur. The facility houses a separate R&D, Quality Control departments with application laboratories. With the help of advanced technology and committed personnel SONAROME keeps working towards producing a new generation of flavours, fragrances and seasonings.

There are four major units in the facility which include the following machinery:

  1. Spray Drying Machinery for flavours: Converts liquid flavours into powder form using an encapsulation technique. A substance to be encapsulated (the load) and an amphipathic carrier (usually some sort of modified starch) are homogenized as a suspension in water (the slurry). The slurry is then fed into a spray drier, usually a tower heated to temperatures well over the boiling point of water.
  2. Liquid Flavors: The machinery helps in manufacturing liquid flavors which caters to both the domestic and export market.
  3. Auto Filing Machine: The machine automatically fills in the material into different sizes of packages. Completely sanitized and untouched by human hand.
  4. Auto Sealing: The machine seals the packages and locks the flavors until they are opened by the end-user.
  5. Labeling machine: The machine helps to label each and every product with the branding of Sonarome.
  6. Cap sealing machines: Seals the caps tightly so that there is zero air and completely vacuum sealed to keep the ingredients intact.
  7. Huge mobile SS tanks for storage – These tanks have a vast range of capacity ranging from 1 kg to 10,000 Litres.
  8. Printer Ink Jet – which will print dynamic content on packaging which includes the date of manuring, shelf life, product name, MRP etc.
  9. Liquid emulsions: Homegenizer oil and water makes it a uniform solution and product. Pre homogeniser for emulsions.
  10. Spice seasoning machinery includes  weight lifters , automatic filling machines, blenders and automised mixers, sieving machines, grinding machines, roasters, pulverisers.
  11. Critical control point machinery houses a metal detector which detects any trace of metals in the food. There is a fine sieve which traps upto 40 micron particles and thus gives only the finest liquid flavours.
  12. Dry Powder Flavours are manufactured at Sonarome with the most advanced machinery that prolongs the shelf life and locks the flavours till used.
  13. Granulator – Sonarome produces a range of  spray died products in granulated form. These granules are used in a vast range of products for the  Pharma and food industries.


With the help of this exceptional facility and skilled technicians, SONAROME caters to a wide range of client expectations.

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