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Sonarome presents micro-encapsulated Flavours that lock the flavour and provide it to you in the powder form to enrich your product.

Sonarome presents the encapsulated flavours are manufactured in computer-controlled spray drying plant. The flavors produced in this unique method are extremely attractive and add the “kick” to the food like no other flavors can achieve. The flavors of the aromatics are encapsulated and sealed in a protective casing of gum arbic or one of the modified starches. These powder flavours are free flowing, protected from oxidation, evaporation or polymerization and are stable over long storage periods. The spray drying process ensures that the full aromatic profile is retained and it allows the use of constituents, which could not readily be incorporated into traditional liquid flavours. The initial sensory impact of spray-dried flavors is dull but once it is moistened the encapsulated aromas are freed and the complete impact of the flavor is achieved.
The principle of spray drying comprises several stages:

Step 1: Preparation of the solution, slurry or emulsion to be dried.

Step 2: Atomization of this liquid feed material in the dryer chamber.

Step 3: The regulation of temperature and velocity of the drying gases/air

Step 4: Removal and recovery of the dried product


The moisture content in the spray-dried flavours is very low (Usually between 3-5%)


Range of Products:

We have a vast range of spray dried flavours to choose from and they come in 25 kilo and 5 kilo poly-lined containers or we can also make specific flavours for you (for a sizable quantity).

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